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Into the Breach

Apr 8, 2024

Everybody loves giant robots. And everybody loves giant robots squashing giant bugs. So right from the start, Into the Breach has a lot going for it.

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Against the Storm

Mar 28, 2024

One of the great things about roguelites is how they can branch into so many different genres.

That said, I have to admit I didn't ever expect to see a city builder.

A lot of choices

Broken and Loving It

Mar 19, 2024

There's an inevitability that as you give a player more and more options, you start to expontentially increase the number of potential cominbations they can make from them.

A new run begins

So What is a Roguelite Anyway?

Mar 11, 2024

The term "roguelite" gets tossed around a lot.

Let's figure out what it means.


Loop Hero

March 14, 2024

You have to hand it to Loop Hero - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The premise of Loop Hero is simple - the world, for reasons unknown, has been erased save for a few baffled survivors lost in the void.

It's Stupid Sexy Zagrius


March 12, 2024

For some reason, it took me a really long time to finally give in and play Hades.

Everyone was talking about how amazing it was, from the fluid action to the rich character stories. But I kept telling myself it wasn't for me.

What did that spire ever do to you?

Slay the Spire

March 12, 2024

Card-based games have been around for a long time. But over the past few years, they've popped up with a lot more frequency. A lot of that is thanks to Slay the Spire.

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